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There are more than 350+ medical universities in USA offering nearly 20,000 MBBS seats. In USA, MBBS is called as MD. More than 80,000 students write Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) every year. MCAT is a computer-based standardized examination .  The most recent version of the exam was introduced in April 2015 and takes 7.5 hours to complete. The test is scored in a range from 472 to 528. In order to get a medical seat the student has to score nearly 510 which is in the range of 80th percentile.  This is not only very competitive but also expensive.

The students going to countries like Belarus, Ukraine, Russia or China for MBBS can look for PG options either in India or USA or Germany whereas in case of USA we advise the student to plan until completing PG in USA. This makes sense in terms of synergy as well as cost.

To get into MBBS in USA there are 2 routes. One is the Standard Route which is by doing pre-med program in US and appear for MCAT and the other is what we call as Alternate Route. In the Standard route the goal is to join MBBS whereas the Alternate Route calls for planning up to PG.

Standard Route

In the Standard route the student does his Pre Med and appears for MCAT and based on applies on the online portal and gets his medical seat for Graduation based on the GPA in Pre-Med and his MCAT score.

The steps in the standard route are as below:

Alternate Route

As mentioned earlier in this route we suggest planning upto PG. Considering the stiff competition and the high cost in some of the medical schools in USA, the alternate route is becoming very popular with Indian students.  In this route the student studies in a college in Caribbean Islands and goes to USA for Clinical Rotation. This way the college fee comes down drastically.

In our program the student joins Spartan Health Sciences University in Caribbean Islands after the 12th standard in India.  Spartan is a private, for-profit medical school located in Vieux Fort, St. Lucia, in the Caribbean islands. Spartan confers upon its graduates the Doctor of Medicine degree which is equivalent to MBBS in India.  Spartan has approvals by MCI/ECFMG and accreditation from CAAM-HP. 

Today, there are agents who try to send students to certain universities which are private and are not MCI approved. Please do not fall into such traps for low-cost programs. 

In order to complete the Graduation the student does Pre-Med  (4 Trimesters – 16 months) in St Lucia, then completes Basic Sciences in 2 years in St Lucia then goes though the Clinical Rotation for 2 Years in USA. The biggest advantage Spartan offers is that the student is trained for USMLE as part of his regular studies. As he completes his studies in St Lucia he completes  his Step1 and Step 2 CK and by the time he moves to USA for Clinical Rotation he is ready to do Step 2 CS which is required to be done only in USA. With this he joins Residency (PG) and after completing his PG he appears for USMLE 3 which is an exam for getting  License to practice.

The steps in the Alternate route are as below:

Scholarship for MBBS in USA

Most of the students ask this question at the end of the counselling session – Is it possible to get a scholarship for MBBS? Yes we can arrange for Scholarship for studying in USA.  This is possible at Spartan by applying early. You need to qualify and ensure that your applications are within time limits. Each qualified student stands to get Rs. 12.50 lakhs as Scholarship from the first 3 years of tuition fees. For 2019, we will conduct a Scholarship Exam for Indian students.

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