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When to decide to do MBBS Abroad

In every state, for MBBS, there are Government Colleges, Private Colleges, and Deemed Universities and the fees progressively increase in the same order. The Government colleges are the most affordable and Deemed University Colleges the least affordable. For example, in Tamil Nadu, there are nearly 50 medical colleges offering nearly 6400  MBBS seats out of which less than 50% are Government College seats.

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In the Government colleges, the fees are only Rs.13,500/- per year and hence the first choice of the students. In the case of Private Collages, 50% of the seats are offered at a Fee (Rs 3-4 lakhs per year) fixed by the Government. The other 50% of the seats in the Private Colleges are offered at Rs.12.5 lakhs per year and the total expenses to complete MBBS will come to nearly Rs 60 lakhs. This is when the student can think of going abroad for studying MBBS. There are some good universities and colleges abroad which offer equivalent education at half the cost. We can guide the student to get an optimum deal based on the budget. Since the fees at Deemed Universities are much higher and go up to Rs 1 Crore to complete MBBS this is only for students who come from very rich families. Based on past experience and records we can advise the student on what NEET rank is required to get a Government Seat; alternatively, they should look for a Medical Seat abroad. An early decision is essential to get the most preferred college abroad.

How to choose the right college for MBBS Abroad

The most important consideration for choosing the country and college will be the budget of the student and affordability. Once the budget is finalized, they can choose the country and the college, since the budget for completing MBBS varies from Rs 20 Lakhs to Rs 50 lakhs. As a rule, the student should not choose a college that is offering MBBS less than Rs 20 lakhs since the credentials of these colleges are questionable and it is better to avoid them.

Some of the other points to consider while choosing the Country and the college is:

  • The medium of education- should necessarily be English
  • Is the college run by the Government or if it is a Private college?
  • Is the college is approved by MCI and eligibility to apply for Education Council for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) examination/Certification?
  • Past experience of the students in terms of FMG Exam passing percentage
  • The reputation of the college in terms of their long history
  • Law and order situation of the region and whether the atmosphere is conducive for education
  • Climatic conditions of the country and whether this will be suitable for the student.

Some of the dangers to avoid while choosing the Country and the college are:

  • In some countries, the student does not join MBBS directly and admission is given only after 1-2 years through an entrance exam
  • Some of the countries and the colleges are notorious for corrupt practices
  • In some countries the cost of living is very high- this is not told openly to students
  • Teaching happens in the local language and not in English
  • Some of the countries are very large and specific information about the particular region is not told to students

A good consultant like Mediseats Abroad will help you avoid these pitfalls and make the right decision. Please call us on 8939065605 for more details.